Build a Bakery in Haiti – Thanks to You – The Vision is Becoming a Reality!

Build a Bakery in Haiti – Thanks to You – The Vision is Becoming a Reality!

Thanks to you the building of the bakery in Gonaives Haiti has begun. With your help, we raised enough funds to begin construction. The container filled with wheat and bakery equipment is on the water and should be out of customs this week in time for our arrival. We will need $10,000 more to complete the project but we believe “change is coming” (see below).

August 2019 – Haiti Trip

Brad and I will be traveling to Haiti on August 18-26th, to check on the progress. I will be teaching whole grain nutrition and bread making classes to the community and Bible study every night to the kids that live at the orphanage. God has put a message on my heart to share about understanding who we are in Christ. Pray that lives will be touched.

Carol Maddox, a new friend I met at a Craft Fair, is bringing her jam making skills to teach some of the ladies a new trade. Bread and jam – a perfect combination.

Doors and windows will be purchased and installed while we are there and Brad will try his skills at putting a thatch roof on the container that will be used for storage for the bakery. The roof will help protect the grain from the heat of the Haitian sun.

Latest Picture of construction – received August 13, 2019 

Needless to say we are beyond excited. But …

Change is Coming – We need Your Change

Recently I was reading a Christian newsletter entitled “Change is Coming”. The writer commented that when he was speaking at various events people began bringing him small bags of change. Well, this gave me an idea.

Most of you, like myself, probably have a container of some kind, full of coins, sitting around your home. I know that we keep one on our bedroom dresser where we toss our “pocket change”. It has been there for many years collecting change that we rarely, if ever, spend.

So I was thinking. What if you and I donated our containers of coins to our Build a Bakery in Haiti project? It may not seem like much but a little, times a lot, adds up.

As I was thinking about this idea, I was reminded of the word the Lord gave me last year to share at the Women’s Seminar in Gonaives Haiti. It was entitled “What Do You Have in Your House?”.  It was based on the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7. After asking the prophet Elisha for help, she was asked a profound question, “What do you have in your house?” First she said, “nothing” then added, “well except for a little oil”.  Elisha then told her to go and ask her neighbors for containers. Empty containers – that she then filled with oil from her “little oil” that she had. You know the story.

It was a powerful message and has actually become a motto in Gonaives. Instead of asking God to bless us with more, we are asking God to bless what we already have in our house.

So, I find it amusing that here I am asking you for “containers” that you already have in your house to help build a bakery in Gonaives, Haiti. A slightly different scenario, I know, as I am asking you for your full containers to help fill an empty container.  

I know it may be hard for some of us to find extra money for a donation, even to a great cause, and we may feel that we simply just do not have anything “in our house”.  But I bet we all have a little container of coins sitting around somewhere in our house. And while they may seem insignificant to you, I know that God can take the little that we already have in our house, that we consider insignificant, and bless it and multiply it just as he did for the widow.

So “Got Change”? Why not donate it to our Build a Bakery in Haiti project? The bakery will not only bring real bread to hungry people, but much needed jobs to the community.

If you have a container of coins you would like to share, you may bring it by The Bread Beckers, at 305 Bell Park Dr Woodstock GA 30188 – any time Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. You may empty it into the container (bucket :)) that is waiting for you there. If you are not local to Bread Beckers, cash in your coins and mail a check for that amount to Real Bread Outreach.  Or simply donate on line at No matter how small, God will multiply.

We may be the faces they see but you are the ones that make this all possible.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Sue Becker


Real Bread Outreach

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