“Spread the Bread”

“Spread the Bread” is a domestic and international outreach campaign encouraging everyone to share their bread with those in need.

The “Spread the Bread” campaign encourages others to share the Bread that sustains our life – both physically and spiritually with others. Our desire is to reach out to the poor, the homeless, the destitute, the needy, the young, the old and the afflicted. America’s health has declined drastically over the past decade. When sickness prevails and one is unable to make necessary lifestyle changes due to physical or financial limitations, hopelessness can take over. Our vision is to bring hope to the hopeless.

Real Bread Outreach has a particular burden for those who are not financially and/or physically able to make the investments necessary to incorporate such healthy dietary changes into their lives. We are passionate about our convictions and the belief that these changes can drastically improve one’s quality of life.

ELDERLY: Real Bread Outreach supplies real whole grain bread and other nutritious foods (fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.) to the elderly through personal visitation as well as partnering with other food ministries to the elderly.

FOOD BANKS: Most food banks are limited to donations of non-perishable foods, therefore the food available is mostly canned and processed foods, white breads and cereals. Real Bread Outreach offers real whole grain breads, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other healthier options.

EDUCATION: The Real Bread ministry educates those in need about the benefits of healthy eating, then supplies them with the tools and support they need to make these wiser choices.

EVANGELICAL OUTREACH: Through visitation and helping those in need it is our hope to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

CONFERENCE: Sue Becker is a gifted, speaker, teacher and author. She has been teaching others the benefits of whole grain nutrition and baking with freshly milled flour since 1992. Her presentations include not only the physical benefits of healthful eating but also her personal testimony of healing by dealing with   emotional roots of disease. CD’s of her testimony and teaching are available.

HAITI: Real Bread Outreach travels regularly to Haiti to provide orphanages and schools with the tools, baking supplies and whole grains needed to provide real bread to the children and those in need. To partner with Godly men and women, to oversee the projects locally, in hopes of creating a sustainable income to combat poverty and starvation on all levels.