Cast Your Bread On Many Waters

From the first moment God gave me the word from Ecclesiastes 11:1 “Cast your bread on many waters” and I wrote in my journal the question to God “what waters?”, I have been continually reminded, mostly by Brad, that God said “many waters”.

Since 2016, when God first called us to bring real bread to Haiti, I have made 15 trips to Haiti, we have trained and supported 3 teams of bread bakers that are making bread from freshly ground flour to feed countless school children and the kids that live in the orphanages. With your support, we have shipped numerous containers of wheat and other grains and baking supplies to Haiti and in February of 2020, just before the Covid shut down, the bakery in Gonaives was completed and opened for business.

But I have, over the years continued to ask God, “What is our “next water?”.  In the fall of 2019 God gave us our answer. Brad and I had the wonderful experience of traveling to Israel.

Our tour group of about 300 people, with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, was scheduled to visit a ministry in the area of Samaria, for a special lunch. As our buses climbed Mt. Gerazim, we noticed the hillside covered with vineyards. We soon learned that the ministry, HaYovel, that would be serving us lunch, was started by a Tennessee farmer and his family, the Wallers, 25 years ago. Their mission is to join the Jewish people and the farmers in fulfilling Biblical prophecy before Jesus’ return. (

“You shall yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria…” Jeremiah 31:5

While there we discovered that the Waller family were actually customers of ours from 20 years ago. They had heard we were coming through a mutual friend and customer and had been watching and waiting for our arrival. With the knowledge that wheat grows in Israel we asked if they were still milling their wheat to make their bread. (we were served homemade bread for lunch).  They told us no because their mill would not work in Israel. I jokingly said that we would have to fix that and declared that “though they had the wine part covered, we could not bring Jesus back with dead white bread”.  As Brad and I returned to our tour bus, we both immediately knew that HaYovel in Israel was to be our “next waters”. We left full of excitement and our minds spinning with thoughts. We did not know now what this ministry to Israel would look like, but God soon confirmed our vision.

On December 21, 2019, before I began my daily Bible reading, I prayed and asked God to please speak to me and give me a fresh word or revelation. I didn’t want my reading to simply be to check off a box in my yearly Bible reading guide. After my prayer, I began reading the book of Haggai. When I got to Haggai 2:19, the promise of God leapt off the page at me.

“Is the seed still in the barn? As to the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree – they have not produced. Yet from this day forward, I will bless you (in the harvest of your crops) Haggai 2:19 AMP

I wrote the verse in my journal. I then noticed that the date the word was given to Haggai was mentioned more than once. I follow the Hebrew calendar, so realized that the very day, the 24th day of the ninth month (Chislev) that this word was given to Haggai, was the very day on the Hebrew calendar that I was reading this promise. I knew God was speaking.

Earlier in December, in our Annual Bread Beckers Christmas classes, Brad had shared with the classes about our experience in Israel and that Israel would somehow be our “next waters”.

On December 23, just 2 days after the Haggai promise, I received a call from a long-time customer and friend of Bread Beckers. She was in the class and really struck by our call to Israel. Though we explained that we did not yet know what our mission in Israel would look like, she and her husband wanted to donate to Real Bread Outreach as “seed money” for Israel. She assured me that we could use it however we needed but their heart for the gift was a “seed” for Israel. I told her how much every donation blesses us, whether large or small. Each time a donation comes in, it is not just money to accomplish the work we are doing but an encouragement and confirmation to me that we are on the right path. She did not tell me how much she wanted to donate. She simply dropped the check by Bread Beckers later that day. Even now as I write this my eyes fill with tears of joy. Her “seed” was for $15,000! It took me about 24 hours to process what God was doing and to make the connection with the promise He had given to me just a few days prior to this call.

God was already fulfilling the promise He had given me in Haggai 2:19. I was reminded of her use of the word “seed”. You cannot harvest a crop without first having seed. We set the money aside for Israel and planned our trip for the fall of 2020! But like so many other plans, Covid shut-downs and vaccine restrictions halted all travel plans.

Today, I am happy to report that this vision is finally being realized. We leave for Israel for 2 weeks in October to help establish a bakery at HaYovel on the Mt of Blessing. We found a beautiful commercial stone grain mill that will be imported from Austria. It is costly but will do the job we need it to do. It will grind any kind of seeds as well as herbs.

The original “seed money” so generously donated nearly 3 years ago now has been sitting in the “barn” (bank) waiting for God to open the door. The door has opened but we will need about $5000 more to make this vision a reality.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting vision, you can donate to Real Bread Outreach at, make a donation at Bread Beckers or mail a check to

Real Bread Outreach
561 Dogwood Hills Lane
Canton GA 30115

Thank you for your support. We look forward to sharing with you all on our return.

Sue Becker Real Bread Outreach